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Edible Ferns

Did you know that fiddlehead (also known as ostrich) ferns are edible when they are tightly coiled and young? They stay curled for about two weeks  April through July, depending on the region they are growing in.They taste a bit like a mixture of asparagus, green bean and okra with a chewy texture. Make sure you [...]

Fascinating Ferns

My morning coffee on the front porch was accompianied by my newly opened ferns dancing in the lake breeze. Such fresh and effervescent shades of green glimmering in the morning light. Last weeks rain quickly brought them to life. I am still snuggled in my sweater this morning-we are experiencing a very cool spring here [...]

Fern Fixation

Men’s Fiddlehead Fern screen printed microfiber necktie from Etsy:toybreaker;  Adele Wechsler’s Fern Eco-Couture Bridal Gown; Iris and fern cake by Torino Baking; Handmade  rustic book of forest ferns at Etsy:beautifulplace’s shop; Girls’ Dresses by Pegeen; Fiddlehead fern hand embroidery at Etsy:HAREandDrum; Lariat crocheted  fern scarf by Etsy:Monarchdancer; Unique fern inspired necklace at Etsy:smabla; Mixed fern [...]