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Eco-Chic Squirrel Design Wedding Invites

wwi_squirrelvows_pistachio_pLook at the adorable invite I just stumbled into during my daily discovery time.  Birch wood invitations, reply and save the date cards from Night Owl Paper Goods- modern yet folksy.  They call them eco-chic wooden goodies and  list three retail spots right here in Wisconsin.

Hmmm, I would reuse the reply card as a place card on my reception tables.  Such tactile delights to send out to loved ones.  Just had another idea, stick  a magnet on the back and your invite becomes duel eco-chic refrigerator art/reminder.

Adorable Squirrels

Of course I am drawn to the design graced  with the adorable squirrels at the top. I just love that pistachio green!  I think I just saw our youngest garden squirrel nodding his head in agreement. It must be that extra cup of morning coffee that makes communication with the squirrels seem so easy.

Scallops in a Potato Nest

potato nests12I am always on the lookout for new potato recipes. I try to stay away from the ones that involve any frying, but this one was just too tempting.

Nests made out of  fried potatoes and filled with scallops. I can hear my mom “Now what do we have here?” Meanwhile, my dad will have already eaten half the nest.

The scallops are coated in a delicate tempura mix, also fried and served with a lemon pepper sauce.

Good thing it is a special day and everyone is allowed to indulge. I stumbled onto this recipe at Kits Chow. I love how neatly this recipe is laid out in numbered  steps.


Tree Jewelry

Dancing Tree Mirrors

Add some sparkle to your backyard reception by hanging these small round mirrors in your trees. Do you think the birds will enjoy gazing at their own reflections?

Imagine the delighted look on your younger guests faces when the catch sight of a tree filled with twinkling mirrors.

Dance by the light of the moon?

I wonder if they will also dance under the light of a full moon?  Or shimmer with reflected flames from lighted garden torches?  A touch of midnight romance to share after your guests have all departed.

Add some long white ribbon strands to dance along with these mirrors from Dancing Garden Mirrors.

Chirp! Chirp! Happy Love Birds

If the cheerful harmonizing bursting forth from your favorite tree makes you both smile then why not share it with your wedding guests. Chances are a couple of playful squirrels will drop by to entertain you. Decorate the stately old oak tree’s branches with long, shimmering ribbons and tiny mirrors before stepping under its light dappled canopy to profess your eternal love to each other.


Tea-Length Wedding Dress by Stephanie James CoutureBirds Nest Wedding Ring Pillow from Etsy:Rainsend; Teal Self Mailer with Olive Card at New and Blue; Cement Pot of Ornamental Grass; Birdie Seed Wreath from Songbird Garden; Tropical Aqua and Burnished Olive Bridesmaids Dresses by J. Crew Weddings & Parties; Miniature Bird Nest Favors from Estilo Weddings; Turqoise Freestyle Silk Bowtie by Elite at Wild Ties; Love Birds Wedding Topper from Estsy:WeddingsofDesign.

Edible Ferns

Fresh Fiddleheads

Did you know that fiddlehead (also known as ostrich) ferns are edible when they are tightly coiled and young? They stay curled for about two weeks  April through July, depending on the region they are growing in.They taste a bit like a mixture of asparagus, green bean and okra with a chewy texture.

Make sure you select the smaller, brighter and firmer coils, pass up the ones that look a bit yellow. Tightly wrap them and place them in the refrigerator for no more than a couple of days. Wash them up before cooking or serving in a salad.


Friendly Fronds

Buckets of FernsBuckets of fresh ferns and white flowers to softly welcome your family and friends. Add bunches of ruffly green Bells of Ireland , white Foxglove and fragrant white Lilly of the valley for subtle impact. Lily of the valley also adds that extra touch cheerfulness and lifts our spirits.

Lilly of the Valley

It is a joy each spring to happen upon a new spot of Lily of the valleys tidily tucked away in the shade. I usually catch a drift of their scent first which sends me on delightful search under the Hosta leaves. Or maybe the invisible fairies dancing in the ferns lead me to them?

Fascinating Ferns

Spring Fern BouquetMy morning coffee on the front porch was accompianied by my newly opened ferns dancing in the lake breeze. Such fresh and effervescent shades of green glimmering in the morning light. Last weeks rain quickly brought them to life. I am still snuggled in my sweater this morning-we are experiencing a very cool spring here on Lake Michigan.

Fern Language

In flower language, ferns are magical, fascinating and very sincere.  Choose fresh ferns for your bridal bouquet and you will increase the powers and meanings of the other flowers in your arrangement.

Fairies and Ferns

Legend states that the fern gifts the woodland fairies with invisibility. So make sure to check your bouquet for hidden fairies before you walk down that wooded path to wed  your true love.

Fern Fixation


Men’s Fiddlehead Fern screen printed microfiber necktie from Etsy:toybreaker;  Adele Wechsler’s Fern Eco-Couture Bridal Gown; Iris and fern cake by Torino Baking; Handmade  rustic book of forest ferns at Etsy:beautifulplace’s shop; Girls’ Dresses by Pegeen; Fiddlehead fern hand embroidery at Etsy:HAREandDrum; Lariat crocheted  fern scarf by Etsy:Monarchdancer; Unique fern inspired necklace at Etsy:smabla; Mixed fern wreath by Amaryllis Florist; Royal Purple stretch silk  charmeuse  bridesmaid dress from Spiegel; Ferns letterpress thank you notecard set by Etsy:ilee.